Now ive been in america for abit over 30 hours and its not what i thought it would be. Its amazing and weird. First we arrived to the airport, Arlanda, 2 hours early. Once we get through the security checks it turns out the flight is 3 hours late. Slow start but were in no rush, we are on vacation! We board the plane and the whole trip is painless. Roughly 8 hours i think it took. I watched Leatherheads, which was awesome, and chaostheory, which was ok, on the seat tvs. Btw the video system looked like the one the company i was working for like 6-8 years ago made which is cool if it were their system. Once we got here Mel got stuck in the security check! I lost her cause i had to go through a few counters down and when i went to meet her on the other side she wasnt there! So i run around for 15-20 mins before i find her. She tells me shes been taken to the back because there was something wrong with her fingerprints!

Once we are out of the airport we meet Yngve, the husband of mels grandmahs sister, who picks us up and drives us to Princetown, New Yersey where we are goin to live for a few days. Hes been really awesome showing us all around Princetown. The first thing we did was to go to a store he knew of selling cameras for the best prices. They beet any price. I bought a Cannon G9 for $470 which is pretty cheap! And a few memory cards and extra battery. It works really great and its my first real camera so i dont really know much about photography but some pictures looks really great. I will post em here later. Its like half past ten now and ive been wandering New York from 8am this morning so im fucked and a cant be bothered uploading pics just yet. =) But i will.

In New York we took a bus tour, running around all of the big apple. Sitting on the roof you get a good view of the city. We saw Madison Square Garden, yellow taxis, red water posts along the roads, Wall Street, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Trumph Building, China Town, Little Italy and lots of other stuff i cant remember at the moment.

Oh and also i forgot to use the charged battery in my camera… So the battery died almost instantly… We used Mels cam which is ok but not as good or cool as my new baby.. :) Anyways now im of to bed to be ready for a new looong day tomorrow!


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They found water on mars!!

Check this out! Apparently they’ve found water on mars! Who doubted the scientist?! =)

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Infrastruktur upgradering

Nu har jag byggt en ny webbserver och en ny FW/router. Jag har satt igång webben på den nya servern men inte bytt router än. Om det är några frågor så maila mig eller messa på msn. Det ska bara vara att köra men kanske har missat något. =)

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