Army of two!

This saturday i went to Mr.G to play some xbox and drink some beers. He bought Army of Two earlier that day for us to play. When i arrived at the door he greeted me with a beer! Great start of the evening! We put our asses down on the couch and boot up the game. You can feel the magic in the air, as you always do with a new game, when the introduction starts! Its manly, its macho, its the Army of Two!

Mr.G chooses the fellow with the short hair, he looks meaner than the other guy, and im the frat boy. And of we are. Its a pretty cool game. You have to play together. One is shooting alot in the general direction of the enemys so that he gets all the aggro of the enemies while the other one circles around to shoot the badies from behind. This works pretty good except you dont really need to. We did it a few times, more because we felt we were supposed to do so than that we needed to.

After like five hours playing i had to go end the evening and go home. We had almost made it throught the whole campaign! Turns out we were one level short! And my thoughts of if afterwards is that its a beutiful game but thats it! Granted I havnt tried versus multiplayer, which people says is really fun! Its so thinn. You know how many diffrent kinds of enemys there is?

There is one “normal” enemy. He has a few variations, diffrent weapons. One with shotgun, one with rpg, one with machine gun and one with sniper. And then there is the Heavy dude. He has a mashine gun, walks SLOWLY straight at the one with the aggro. And you cant hurt him shooting at him from the front. We threw handgranades on him but he didnt notice them. We even tried shooting him with the mega sniper rifle when he was maybe 10 meters away. He fell! But brushed it of and started walking again. So the one of you who hasnt got the aggro need to circle him so you can shoot him from the back. There is a boss on each level (I think?)which i dint notice very much. It seems the boss always has a heavy dude around and the boss cant take any pain. So the boss died before we even noticed he was there, other than the cutscene that started when he arrived, and all the concentration went on to circle the heavy dude. And thats it! Thats all the enemies you are goint to meet in this game! Oh sorry not to forget, there is a mountable turret which basicly is a heavy dude that cant move. All you have to do is draw the fire to you then your mate circles and shoot the guy that is mounted to the turret. Oh i almost forgot, there is a kamikaze bomber to. He runs at you screeming, with his hands high up in the air. If you ever played Serious Sam you know what i mean.

One cool thing thou is the back to back mode. You go slow-motion and your guys is back to back shooting tonz of enemys coming at you. And they get killed wherever you hit them. But it looks cool! Its like in a action movie. If you shoot one in the foot he is goin got die, his leg is goin to fly backward and he will spinn around in a very cool fashion before i falls to the ground. So that is fun.

My conclusion is Dont buy it for the singleplayer campaign. There is no content to it. I havnt play versus mode in multiplayer or on xbox live. It might be awesome for all i know.

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