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If your cap drains to fast on you ship you might want to fit it with something that makes it recharge faster. What Ive been calculating on is if its better to use a cap battery than a cap recharger. My conclusion is that it depends on what ship you are in or even which class the ship is.

Here is an few examples:

Capacity: 250 Energy
Recharge time: 187.5 secs

this means it takes 187.5 seconds to charge 250 energy. A tech1 cap recharger recharge 15% faster and a tech 2 recharge 20% faster.
Tech 1 recharger: 159.375 secs (1.57 e/s)
Tech 2 recharger: 150 secs (1.6 e/s)

Now we come to the interesting part. What happens if you slap on a cap battery? Lets slap on a tech 1 and tech 2. A tech 1 adds 75 energy and a tech 2 adds 105 energy. The recharge time is still the same, 187.5 secs. So how long does it takes untill it has recharged to 250 energy?

Tech 1:
Total cap: 325 energy (1.7 e/s)
Time to recharge 250 energy: 147 s

Tech 2:
Total cap: 355 energy (1.87 e/s)
Time to recharge 250 energy: 133.6 s

So you see if you use a tech 1 battery its going to recharge your cap faster than a tech 2 recharger. On the otherhand doing the same calculation on a battlecruiser we get a different result:

Capacity: 2812.5 energy
Recharge time: 750 s (3.75 e/s)

Tech 1(15%): 637.5 s (4.41 e/s)
Tech 2(20%): 600 s (4.68 e/s)

Medium Tech 1(+300 e):
Total cap: 3112.5
Time to recharge 2812.5 energy: 677 s (4.15 e/s)

Tech 2(+420 e):
Medium Total cap: 3232.5
Time to recharge 2812.5 energy: 652.5 s (4.31 e/s)

As you can see on the frig its better to fit a battery than a recharger and on a BC its better to fit a recharger. The less cap the ship has the better the batteries is going to work. And the more cap the better will the rechargers work. 

I haven’t done the math on cap boosters. They are abit more complicated. And I don’t have a clue if they are better or not. A guess is that they are better if you want cap NOW but for a longer run you might want faster recharge rate.

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  • guest


    “Tech 1:
    Time to recharge 250 energy: 147 s

    “Tech 2:
    Time to recharge 250 energy: 133.6 s

    “So you see if you use a tech 1 battery its going to recharge your cap faster than a tech 2 recharger…”

    Um, your data says the other way around.

    Comment | July 9, 2008
  • guest

    133.6 s (Tech 2) is faster than 147 s (Tech 1).

    Comment | July 9, 2008
  • Well it says tech 1 BATTERY versus a tech 2 RECHARGER..

    not a tech 1 recharger vs tech 2 recharger.


    Comment | July 9, 2008
  • Robert

    Makes sense that a battery is better for a smaller ship and a recharger better for a larger ship. On the smaller ship, the battery is offering a 30% (tech 1) to 42% increase in the overall capacity while the recharger is 15% to 20% less time to recharge. On the larger ship the battery is only adding 10.7% to 15% to the overall maximum charge.

    BTW : The comparison the author made was the T1 Battery (147s) to the T2 recharger (150s) not bettery to battery. 147s for the T1 battery is less than 150s for the T2 recharger to recover the same amount of capacitance.

    Comment | August 8, 2008
  • brent

    Hmm, a fairly simplistic analysis. The problem is that the recharge rate is not a constant. The rate of recharge is slow when the capacitor is full or close, and the recharge rate increases as the amount of capacitor left drops, until the capacitor is below 20%, then the recharge rate drops dramatically to almost 0.

    The best way to decide whether a battery or cap recharger is better is to take the total cap divided by recharge time, and mutiply that by 2.4 to get your max cap per second when the capacitor is close to, but not below, 20%.

    Then put in the battery and run the numbers again. Then try with the cap recharger. Compare the numbers to the amount of cap you are using every second. If you are using close to the amount you are recharging, you are good. If you are using a little more cap, try adding a second battery or recharger. If you are using a LOT more cap (if you have two armor repair units for example) then you need to go with a cap booster and don’t bother with the batteries and rechargers in the first place.

    Comment | November 23, 2008

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